Mini Swedish Princess Cakes Recipe

Prinsesstårta, "Princess Cake", is a popular Swedish dessert made with a light sponge, delicious pastry cream, jam, and covered with fun, pastel green marzipan. In its traditional size, the Swedish Princess Cake is so elegant and lovely - it is the perfect addition to any birthday, get together or special occasion! The miniaturized version however is possibly even more adorable and perfect! Is it just me or is this always the case with tiny food?? Although these little cakes take a bit of time to prepare, all of the elements can be made about two days in advance. Tiny, beautiful, and simply delicious! 


The Details...

Start by making cupcakes in muffin tin. When whisking the egg and sugar mixture make sure to whisk until it is a nice, pale color with a reasonably thick consistency. The whipped eggs give these little cakes the perfect airy texture, so do not skip this step!


The custard is fairly straight forward and simple. Begin by combining vanilla and milk in saucepan, bring to a simmer and let sit for a few minutes while whisking egg yolks, sugar, and flour. This allows the vanilla to "steep" in the milk, making the flavor deeper and more pronounced.


Depending on how thick you would like your marzipan to be, you may want to increase the recipe. If rolled out to a thin sheet all of your little guys be covered, but if you prefer it thicker, a double recipe might be a good idea. When initially working on the recipe I accidently added two eggs and began wondering why my marzipan looked more like creme rather than a dough after a few minutes in the mixer... I glanced over at the counter top and saw two sets of egg shells and immediately the feeling of *oh nooo* washed over me. I ended up adding the remainder of the ingredients needed to double the recipe and had quite a bit leftover after decorating. Needless to say, my dad was quite happy to hear a ball of doughy sugar was up for grabs. :)


So cute and so delicious. Hope you enjoy making these fun little cakes!

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